Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's all water under the bridge. haha

Last na for the day, I'm reposting lang naman eh. This one was posted by Raymund Marasigan himself on subsanwich:

skate or die 3

make no mistake. i'm not shoving my music to everybody. in fact my neighbors are probably tired of it haha. some of my closest friends and family have no desire to listen to it. my daughter didn't even know who the eraserheads were when teachers were asking about reunion rumors. as far as she knows, the good thing about that big show was trashing my hotel room with buddy and marcus' kids, the big swimming pool and the air conditioned tents backstage.

if you like what you hear , thank you. if you don't, feel free to try something else. i don't like anchovies myself.

i was admittedly hesitant about the first reunion. i was not sure if icould handle the pressure and crap that came with it.

at this very moment. i'm actually thinking of doing it again. (when ely gets well and strong of course)

i watched a kid fall after trying to kick flip a 7 step stairway in u.p. he failed 5 times. but kept getting up. dusted himself . made some adjustments until he finally nailed it. we all cheered and went home smiling.

somehow i know how it feels.