Thursday, April 02, 2009

With great power comes great responsibility

And this great responsibility is what I kind of fear which is why I'm a little apprehensive of my acquiring some sort of power (not 'power' as in power...figure of speech). I think it's too early for me to be awarded with such a tremendous level of trust, more so when I don't think I even meet my own standards. I'd say my performance is not super fantastic; at least not enough to merit my overachiever status. I would admit that nothing ever runs smoothly under my lead. I have a lot to learn. More often than not, the team effort is just good enough to keep us afloat day-to-day. I'm happy to be working with such a dedicated group. (God bless this team! hehe)

This doesn't mean, though, that I don't want that 'tremendous trust'. I do. Any form of recognition is of course, always welcome. I really appreciate the fact that the effort and dedication that I put in to what I do are being recognized. If at all, I'm grateful for the trust and confidence being given to me even when I know I could still do better to deserve it.

See, I'm 26 years old with a professional title fit for a 35-year old. I won't be surprised if nobody believes me. I can't believe it, too.

Whuttttt. Hahaha. My pretending to "know it all" is apparently bringing me to greater heights. Geeeeeeeeee. I say this because I'm in this position knowing that I couldn't really hold my own against others who are in the same level but with a gazillion years of experience.

If I keep going at this rate, I'd probably be ruling this country in 10 years. Mga kababayan, kailangan ko pa ang boto ninyo :)


But deep inside...
I guess another factor that affects my view on this is the belief that success in career is inversely proportionate to success in love life.

Oh shucks!!! Demmmit. For love or money?! Hahaha