Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I like you because you're cool like that.

2009 Malaysian GP - It sure is tough to pick one favorite Ferrari moment in this race.

While everyone else waited in their cars soaking wet in the rain, Kimi Raikkonen stripped off his suit, changed into shorts and shirt, ate ice cream and grabbed a Coke 5 minutes after the race was halted due to weather conditions at the Malaysian GP. And that's what you call 'acceptance'. Hahaha! Save the drama for your mama!

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby...

Minutes earlier, Felipe Massa was the complete opposite of Kimi Raikkonen, frantically asking for a white visor. Why in heaven's name would his race engineer call him "baby"? They get a few seconds of team radio stardom and we get a gay moment. Hahahahaha

Ferrari disappoints again after making a series of mistakes, screwing the chances for both Massa and Raikkonen in Malaysia. A team bungle during qualifying ended up with Massa way down the grid and on race day, Ferrari made a mistake again when they changed Raikkonen's tyres for the wet weather 4 laps too early (for the actual rain fall). Using wet weather tyres on a dry circuit cost the cool driver a good 20s per lap. Darn it! WTF is happening? This is obviously not the Ferrari we know.

The Ferraris and McLarens have yet to make a killing at the GPs, both with zero points after two races. It would be interesting to see how Brawn fares with these two back in form... if we'll ever see them back in form.