Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Kimi,

You need get your act together already! It's not too late for a comeback...

As much as I like you because you're cool... (in this photo with Kiss)

I'm saddened to say that I think you've gone too cold on the sport.

I'll even go as far as saying that it looks like you're the most undermotivated F1 driver today. You're the complete opposite of someone overworked and underpaid -- you're overpaid and underperforming. Too expensive but not delivering the results and that's really really sad!

Nobody knows what you're really going through but I hope you overcome this phase already.

The team made some changes and I hope this would translate to a podium finish in Shanghai. Go go go!


Okay, so obviously, I've imbibed the 'win or lose it's the school we choose' mantra in ALL the sports I follow. This also explains why I stuck it out with Real Madrid throughout their losing streak until they won the Primera Liga, and with the Lakers last year when it's obvious the Celtics would win. Well, of course, Ateneo also throughout their losing years (which is most of my college life).

In F1's case, I'm with the driver first, team second. I've become fascinated by F1 since 2003 and even then, I was already rooting for Kimi Raikkonen when he was with the ever struggling McLaren. This means that although I admire Schumacher, I didn't root for him or Ferrari during MSC's time. Heck, I was sick of Ferrari dominating F1, and yes I prayed for the domination to end... but not fucking noooooooow! Not noooooow! (irate fan on the loose!)
I've seen Kimi Raikkonen over the years and I believe that he can do more, be better but I also recognize that things won't happen on his own. The F60 is the poorest Ferrari car in years! Please please please, Ferrari, get back to form! It's not too late to live the dream --

"One day, itay, sana maging katulad mo rin ako!"