Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ang shorts, bow.

Well we all know that at long last, Ferrari scored their first points at last weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix thanks to Kimi Raikkonen's determined performance, and escaped what would have been the team's worst start ever. It's good but not good enough for a team like Ferrari and it would've been better if Massa finished in the top 8 as well. Big Brother Luca di Montezemolo even flew to Bahrain to watch it live... oh well. Better than none.

While looking at the Bahrain GP photos online, I couldn't help but be amused by the drivers' fashion (not passion) when not in their overalls. The shirt is a given, I think it's in their contract to wear their team shirts even in other public events away from the circuit. So it's up to them to jazz up the outfit with the shorts, shoes and other accessories.

They can wear it like a driver (literally, drayber).

Looks like Felipe baby ran out of shorts that he had to cut his jeans? Hehe... ano ba. Ganito ba sa Brazil? He has so much money but the shorts is purita. hahaha. Sorry :) And his friends, too (WDC leader Jenson Button on his left). The one on the right, hanging ang shirt. Baby tee, haha!

They can wear it like a boss...
Yebah. Cool shades + nice form + ultra confidence (coming from a 2nd place finish in Shanghai). Announcement on P.A. System: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mark Webber is in the building. I repeat, Red Bull Driver Mark Webber has arrived (complete with background music).

Or wear it like a rockstar

Black pin-striped shorts + sneakers + tribal tat. If you can't get to the chequered flag, wear it on your sneaks. Simple lang, pero fashyown. (Kimi 'I-don't-give-a-damn' Raikkonen with fellow Finn driver Heikki Kovalainen)

But this is the best yet...

O, ha! Short shorts na, flip-flops pa! Nasa desert naman nga kasi sila! Hahahahahaha! Jarno Trulli (left) and teammate Timo Glock.