Monday, November 02, 2009

Go Lewis! Go Home!

There's no denying that Lewis Hamilton is good. He isn't the 2008 World Champion and 2007 runner up for nothing. However, just like Schumacher, I was never a supporter of Hamilton.  I learned to like Fernando Alonso after all his tantrums, I liked Vettel at the onset, and now I admire rookie driver Kobayashi... but not Hamilton.  So, it's a bit unusual that I found myself rooting for him in the Abu Dhabi GP.  I don't know why but I actually genuinely wanted him to win the race. I recognized the effort he made during the second half of the season and the fact that since June (I think), he's the driver who scored the most points despite not being in contention for the championship. In short, I was a Lewis supporter. Just today... and I wanted it in black and white so here goes my Twitter update:

21 laps later, Lewis Hamilton retires due to a break problem.  That's the first mechanical failure in his F1 career.  And then the Twitter update:

Hahahahahaha! Unfortunately, for so many reasons, both Ferraris and the remaining McLaren (KOValainen) failed to score points thus maintaining the standings before the race. McLaren is third in the constructor's championship. At least I did my part to help Ferrari. Harharhar.

So for 2010, GO HAMILTON! *Evil Laugh*
(Wait... I might actually really really mean it without the bad luck if Raikkonen becomes his teammate)