Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's reawaken the fangirl in me.

Long day! Friday always seems to be the busiest day of the week for me such that getting a buzz after work becomes really necessary (haha or are we just justifying that?)... and what a dork I am! I get home and surf the net as if I didn't spend the day in front of the computer.  Oh, right. I wasn't surfing then.

Observation from a friend: I didn't seem to be as excited about New Moon as I was for Twilight. I haven't posted anything on New Moon yet.

Well, here it is. My New Moon post. I'm excited now that it's finally out after a year's worth of waiting. I know it's gonna be better than Twilight because from worse, it can only get better, right?

The improved version of the Wolfpack gets more exposure this time:

Don't they look like a bunch of sidekicks in a Pinoy movie? I can almost imagine one of them saying... "Saging lang ang may puso! Saging lang!" But mygosh, they're giving Ben Chan an idea for the next Bench ad. Pasikatin ang shorts na ganito! Teka, porke magkabarkada kayo, kailangan ba talaga pare-pareho ng shorts? :)

Jacob Black also underwent Extreme Makeover from Twilight:

To New Moon (naman!!!):

But Edward will always be Edward. I just hope di na namumuo yung make-up niya, otherwise, Max Factor = double fail!

After all the promotional stuff for New Moon, I bet Robert Pattinson's not gonna take a bath for weeks again.  Eeew, but if this is the straight-out-of-bed-pero-kailangan-naka-leather-jacket look, okay lang. :)

But who do I really want to be part of the Twilight Saga but isn't? STEVEN STRAIT! He would've been a better Edward. I watch The Covenant over and over and over again.

Good night and good morning. I'm finally getting to see New Moon in a few hours. I hope it doesn't disappoint.