Monday, February 22, 2010

The signs, they're everywhere!

DZMM has an internal office campaign called "Isang Kalabit" which they implemented in their workplace where they put up signs to remind people about certain things.  When I saw these signs along the gallery of ABS-CBN Studios this morning, I remembered our office and thought it would work if we posted something similar there, too, to always remind people of the basics.  Perhaps humor and sarcasm would work to send out the messages without the negative vibe.

Just finished our evals and one of the topics that was brought up by everyone was about the work environment...  

Anyway, I took photos! There were a lot but I didn't take all of them, just the ones where no one's watching lest I be perceived as an idiot with a fascination for walls with signs.

I wanna have an Art Attack session where I'll ask my team to create signs like these in English which we'll post on the cubes along Kalye Warlah. First, because doing artsy stuff is therapeutic, a creative outlet to let out stress, and second, it'll be fun to think of stuff like these!

And what if we had signs like this on the streets instead:

 Haha, siguro naman wala nang jaywalking. :)