Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm getting tired of my username.  It's actually not something I came up with -- it's a written version of how a classmate in college mispronounced my name every time he uttered the word because he had difficulty pronouncing Js.  My friends soon pronounced it in the same way to annoy me over and over until I got used to it and owned it.

I have to note that this was way way before the time when it became trendy to put an H after the first letter of the name (Bhabes, Mhar) because I believe that trend became popular when text lingo evolved to from super abbreviated (c u tmrw, k, wru n) to this phase that I refuse to call jologs (d2 n poh me) only because I know certain people who actually do that and I tell them not to text me that way but they don't listen! Do people not notice that even if it took me 6 batches of messages, I do not abbreviate?  Can we not apply verbal communication rules to SMS? Like when the question is in English, you have to answer in English.  Same with SMS, can it be that people reply in the same manner that they received the message? Haha. Di naman ako galit. I digress. Fine. Txt m ko lyk dat f it mkes u hapi.

Anyway, my point is that it wasn't spelled as such because I wanted a n H in my name, hehe.  The good thing about it is I think nobody else in the world owns it.  When I Google my username, majority of the hits would link back to my sites like Multiply, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, comments I made on other people's pages, this blog, and a lot of other things.  I think the first 3 pages are all related to me.  Just don't Google my real name, though -- majority of the hits to that one would link back to international news sites which published a photo of me holding out a certain toy. The Google results from my username is even more accurate than my real name.

And now that I joined tumblr (yes, another microblogging site), I found myself thinking of a new username but I still ended up using the one I have now (yung Ferrarilover134... eeeeew, haha, kidding!).  It's just like my mobile number -- I almost changed it a couple of times to get a new phone or whatever but in the end, I decided against it.  I've had it for more than 10 years, dating back to when I first got my Nokia 5110 in 3rd year highschool.  It was one of the first mobile numbers issued by Globe after SMS was first introduced in the late 90s (the first mobile numbers started with 5 and then 8).

So, even if it already seems baduy to me, I'm probably keeping my username until I think of something unique that I'd want to use around cyberspace for the next 10 years.

k, un Lng p0h. nyt! Lolz!