Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please don't organize a pity party on your Facebook wall

I wonder if there's a guide to appropriate Facebook status posting and commenting, or even tweeting.  The rapid growth of social media makes all sorts of personal information available, from the trivial to downright intimate, and I'm particularly bothered by people who air out dirty laundry on Facebook, backed up by their friends.  I say ‘backed-up’ because in some instances, it even appears staged - like a page out of the lousy script of a bitter Pinoy romantic movie, the scene where a group of friends are supposed to bash the douche bag - and it's really pathetic to be doing it so publicly when you’re not even a public figure.  Even classy public figures would know which type of information to share and what image to portray.

If you need a lifeline, please phone a friend. Don't ask the audience.

There's nothing wrong with loathing someone and sharing the sentiment with your circle.  Man is born to hate as much as he's born to love. In this day & age, however, a little sensitivity is expected because we all kind of exist in the same network and the information that we share is readily available to everyone. It is as easy to defame someone as it is to create an image of yourself which you would like others to see. For some, it's a defense mechanism to show people how they're coping with an issue.  That's fine as long as they don't sink to the lowest level of pathetic-ness.  I feel sorry for people who look like they’ve got so much class only to lose all of it the moment they open their mouths or when their fingers come in contact with the keyboard.  Just like how the pretense of successfully bouncing back from a failed relationship appears like a bitter joke if  one party continues to publicly denounce the other.

Not to sound preachy about this, I must admit that there are instances where I’m also guilty of sending the negative vibes through the interweb. The difference is I do not promote it.  It's just an outlet for me and I’m not soliciting any type of support or sympathy from others. My blog posts, tweets and updates are not meant to illicit any form of untoward judgement on anyone.

I’m sure someone somewhere is already writing the universal guide to social media etiquette. And I'm sure people wouldn't adhere to it.

And someone somewhere is creating a Facebook page about a bitter break-up titled John Tucker Must Die. Become a fan.