Thursday, July 01, 2010

Words from the Wise Master of The Force

In all my 6 years of working for the same company, I think we've only had two company-wide meetings. The first one was on my first year and the second one was held just a few days ago. It's cool to be reminded of the basic things - principles and values that we already knew but just had to be reminded of out loud. Took note of some them on my mobile.  It's almost verbatim (inputs in parenthesis are mine): 
  • Ideas are what our clients are paying us for. (My brain is fried and somebody wants to buy it! Torta - instead of ground meat, utak.)
  • Hindi puwede yung shy dito. Kung wala kang self-confidence... hindi lang sa PR kung hindi sa buhay, hindi ka aasenso. (Yung mga shy, nahihiyang i-admit na shy sila.)
  • Kapag natalo ka sa bidding, it's not the end of the world. Huwag kayong panghinaan ng loob. (I used to feel bad everytime, but not anymore. No, sir!)
  • The key to winning a battle is preparedness. Di puedeng sumabak ka sa gera na baril lang ang dala mo habang tumatakbo ka. Dapat naisip mo na lahat ng puedeng mangyari at may solusyon ka na para sa mga 'yon. (First aid kit)
  • On sense of humor (but not mean or dirty): Sa business na 'to, if you don't know how to laugh or relax, maloloka ka. (So true to the 900 millionth power!)
  • We're a team. Yung bagay na madaling gawin, huwag na nating pahirapin. (O ha, narinig 'nyo yon!!! Sir, please repeat!)
  • Punctuality is the quality of kings. (and that is perhaps why I remain a peasant.)

We already know these, but it's different when articluated by the master in the presence of the other jedis.

May the force be with us!