Monday, July 12, 2010

My nose is clogged and my left ear is deaf.

This blog was locked for less than a week because I was in the process of semi-changing the look, or should I say 're-coloring'.  I also wanted to make sure I didn't send out last week's negative vibes to all of cyberspace, but still have a place to vent my ire out (and stop myself from breaking the glass window).  I did write about airing dirty laundry on Facebook previously and how much I don't appreciate status updates that are just so revealing.

So now that I'm in a better mood and this blog is (kinda) clean (of nasty stuff written last week) and colorful, it's open to the world! If anyone picks up any subliminal message from my rants (just the rants), let me say that nothing is intentionally directed to anyone. Sometimes it's just the hormones talking or a clouded sense of judgment brought about by impulsive reactions.