Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Album of the Year, Seriously?!

I consider myself a sort of music junkie, at least a bit more than the regular Joe, and it beats me that I have never heard of The Suburbs or their album, Arcade Fire, until it was announced at The Grammys that they won Album of the Year.  Seriously, who the hell are these guys? And I just saw some videos on YouTube now and I'm really wondering if they're really worthy of a Grammy.

Did they rig it? I'm not leaning towards pop most of the time but I feel that Eminem should've won it this year (with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga as close contenders).  What I used to complain about The Grammys is its tendency towards popularity that it fails to highlight the artistry in the music.  I kind of feared that Justin Bieber would win Best New Artist (but he didn't, thank God). I was rooting for Florence and the Machine, which also didn't win, but I'm fine with the winner.

But, ARCADE FIRE? Who the hell are The Suburbs?! Usually, the winner of Album of the Year is known by everyone -- because it's Album of the Friggin' Year.  Oh, and apparently, I'm not alone: WHO IS ARCADE FIRE?

Now, remind me to not take The Grammys seriously.