Monday, April 25, 2011

Adolescents? I haven't heard it.

One of the best shows I saw in 2008 was the Incubus concert. I think that was the same year when Maroon 5 came, as well as the first Eraserheads comeback.  They're a pretty old, established band, but not quite as iconic as the Foo Fighters or Red Hot Chili Peppers but I love them. One of my favorite Incubus songs is Megalomaniac and it also ranks high in my list of favorite rock music videos (viewable here because embedding is disabled by YouTube).

They announced that they're going on hiatus in 2008, but now they're back! and I'm so happy to see that Brandon Boyd has aged gracefully. All that herbal nourishment that he gets is doing him good (haha).

Can't wait to see them here in July!