Sunday, April 24, 2011

Guilty Pleasures ko 'to, bakit ba?!!!

While we're on the subject of abstinence, let's talk about guilty pleasures. What are guilty pleasures? Well, those are the things that you like or love but can't admit that you like or love openly.  It's not like you'll put it on your Facebook profile or something. Example, my Facebook profile, without looking at it now, will probably have the following listed under Favorite Movies: Almost Famous, The Godfather, Rush Hour, etc...

Now in the absence of more substantial things to do over the holy days (except for work -- even from that I needed to abstain so I turned off my push email after the Holy Thursday conf call, and aside from, ehem, praying), I did a Tagalog movie marathon. I love it. They're baduy, corny and what not, but I have to admit that I've taken to liking most of those made by Star Cinema. Aminin na natin, yaman din lamang alam na ng sambayanan na 'gumimik' ako sa Strumm's in 2011 (bwahahaha).

So, pseudo Facebook profile should read... Favorite Movies: One More Chance (Bea & John Lloyd), Kung Ako Nalang Sana (Sharon & Aga), Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita (Claudine & Rico), Got to Believe (Claudine & Rico), Paano na Kaya (Kim & Gerald), the 2 Sarah & John Lloyd Movies, All My Life (Kristine & Aga) and my most recent favorite which is also the one with the corniest, cheesiest, yuckiest title: Catch Me, I'm in Love. Gerald Andersoooooooon! If Derek is 2010, Erwan Heussaff is 2011 Q1, Gerald Anderson is 2011 Q2!!!!

Okay, anti-it pala ha! I'm the anti-anti-it. Ako na! Ako na ang baduy!

No worries. Next week, I'll be back in my usual formula-1 loving female self. :D