Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Of Cougars and Rhinos

So after about more than three years, I opened my Yahoo Messenger again because of a friend who wanted to chat about her "heart concerns". Decided to play around it a bit and saw the Yahoo Music feature which let's you tune in to a particular station and then post the song title and artist name as part of your YM Status.

I was going through the 'stations' which were actually music genres and found this:

What the fuck is COUGAR MUSIC? I clicked on the station to find out and "Pour Some Sugar on Me" came on. Wahahahaha! Brownie points for Yahoo for catering to all markets, even the so niche ones like Cougars.

I listen some more then "This Love" by Maroon 5 came on. Hey that's not cougar music! And there's no concrete definition of Cougar Music online either.

Wait, what do we call a male cougar? Oh, right. A Rhino!

But the way I see it, where we are, there are more sexy cougars than rhinos. hehehe