Friday, April 15, 2011

Go, Bords!!!

Realized that this particular note that has been sitting in my BlackBerry for a couple of months now. It's an excerpt from a motivational speeach that our creative director delivered to me at a time when I had to secure something crucial for a project. I was feeling a bit apprehensive and uncertain that I could pull it off, good thing we were already getting tanked then... and of course, liquid courage helped. Funny how in the middle of his long pep talk, I decided to type it when I should have captured it on video to make it easier on the fingers, but the real intention was to blog it so I guess typing did have a purpose. 

And this is really pretty much how he said it (at least the latter part) and it did get me fired up:
You always assume na magaling ka... pero you will realize na hindi sa lahat ng oras magaling ka. At dahil narecognize mong maraming masmagaling sayo, kailangan gawin mo. Gawan mo ng paraan. Pagbutihin mo pa. Patunayan mo.

Pero ngayong gabi, putangina, dapat ikaw ang pinakamagaling! Isipin mo, kaya mo.  Sabihin mo, putangina niyong lahat, akin 'to!

Isa lang ang opposite ng defeat. Isa lang. Alam mo na yon. Piliin mo kung sino ka don. Tapos putangina na nilang lahat!
----> Hahaha. Kung Pilipino si Leonidas o si Troy, malamang ganito yon.