Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aaaaaargh. I just wanna be on the beach.

Today (well, I mean yesterday. It's about 2 am) is such a crappy crappy day and I just have to write about it.  

It's a combination of so many different little things that complicated my day and it's not even about work, really. Work is just about 10% of it and it's actually not the work itself, only part of it, and there comes a point when you don't care anymore and just forget about whatever it is that stressed you out. If you get what I mean.

About the other things, - I'm not going to air my dirty laundry here.  All I wanna say is that things would've been clearer and less complicated if my brother were still here to listen to me rant and then make me see things in a better light.  Rather than what I'm doing now, if he were here, we're probably out in our little garden having a long conversation about my issues over microwaved popcorn and Coke. Haaaay.  You never really get to appreciate these little moments until you realize that you can never ever experience them again.

Although... I have to stress that I don't really run out of people to talk to, but there are times when I just miss talking to my brother. The conversation is just not the same with anyone else. I miss, miss, miss.