Monday, October 26, 2009

status updates

If I compiled my 'would've been' status updates today, it would look like this.  Beginning at 8:55 A.M.:
  1. Joy is back in the office. Back on earth. Back in the real world.
  2. Joy is about to have a quick lunch before going to a meeting that she actually knows nothing about.
  3. Joy talked her way through the meeting she knew nothing about and came out tops. How often she can wing things like this, she isn't sure.
  4. Joy is utterly disappointed and frustrated that things aren't turning out the way they're supposed to.
  5. Joy lost her cool again this afternoon and regrets that she did... but on second thought, that outburst was actually quite 'contained' already. Clap, clap, clap.
  6. Joy thinks she needs a course on people management 101. Mission mentorship = fail.
  7. Joy should've just watched U2's Live concert stream on YouTube all afternoon instead of stressing out over something which didn't materialize anyway. Stress is the enemy. Mind over matter.
  8. Joy wants Max's fried chicken for dinner - a notch higher than Jollibee's Chickenjoy in the comfort food list, but a few levels lower than beer in the overall comfort shit list. But not drinking tonight. No.
  9. Joy needs a pick-upper and is driving through Skyway with Boom Boom Pow and Right Round on loop. Singing along but not necessarily feeling upbeat.
  10. Joy 's dad actually made sure they had Max's for dinner to help brighten up her mood. How sweet!
  11. Joy finds writing therapeutic and so here she is...
  12. Joy is listening to Goo Goo Doll's "Name" and feels like crying for no apparent reason.
  13. Joy is amused that the next song on her iPod is Hootie and the Blowfish's "Let Her Cry".  She really feels like crying for no apparent reason.
  14. Joy is amused yet again that the song after Hootie's is Oasis' Stop Crying Your Heart Out. WTH?!!!
  15. Joy wants to put her heart on a shredder now...  No, wait... Perhaps she wants to put somebody else's head on a shredder? It's empty anyway (referring to somebody else's head).
  16. Joy now craves for Fritos Scoops + Fritos Mild Cheddar dip. No crying.
  17. Joy dreads the weekend because it means the 2009 F1 Season is ending with the last race in Abu Dhabi and she'd have nothing to follow every other week for the next 3 months. Also Kimi Raikkonen's last race for Ferrari, and possibly his last in F1 (please, no!).
  18. Joy feels like dancing everytime she hears Supermassive Blackhole. Wooohooo, booty shake! Yes, switched playlists already.
  19. Joy will give away chocolates in the office tomorrow. Trick or treat! :)
  20. Joy is shutting down in a while to go drive a few tracks on Ferrari Challenge on Wii. Must master breaking zones in Mugello! That's therapeutic activity #2 today. (11:55 P.M.)

So if I updated my Facebook status like this in a day (as much as some people do), do you think you know me any better than you do now? Yeah, of course not.

I wonder what's with all the "what are you doing" / "what are you thinking" status updates on SNS (social networking sites - picked that up from Singapore) that appeal to people a lot. I'm really just curious because I'm one of those people, too. I abuse Twitter, especially, because I know less people there than I do on Facebook so my tweeps couldn't really give a damn about what I 'share' there. It's a good way to communicate indirectly, and to a certain extent, a form of release but nothing more if you're not famous like Ashton Kutcher. Nobody really cares but we still do it.  Wonder what they'll come up with next (that I'll eventually succumb to)?