Sunday, October 25, 2009

Airport Terminal Conversations

Episode Title: Katakawan

I recently went to Singapore along with some media for a product launch.  Four of us travelled together on the same flight departing for Singapore.  I arrived in the airport first so I parked myself in Tinderbox and waited for the others.  For the record, all I got for myself was a bottle of mango juice. I anticipated that the rest wanted breakfast before boarding so I hung out in Tinderbox. One by one, they came. Every time, I'd order a panini and orange juice at the counter.

Joy to waiter: I'll get one turkey sandwich and orange juice.
Waiter: Okay, ma'am, serve nalang nung kasama ko.
(I go back to the table, the order is delivered.  Moments later, another one of them arrives and I offer a sandwich. I go to the counter again because it's pay as you order.)
Joy to waiter: Isa pang panini, Tuna naman. And then orange juice din.
Waiter: Okay, ma'am. Dalin nalang namin don.
(I go back to the table and the order is delivered.  Minutes later the last one arrives. Again, I go to the counter to get him a sandwich but this time, he goes with me).
Joy to waiter: Isa pa ulit na panini. Tuna din. And bottled water.
Waiter (feeling close na siya): Aba! Mukhang nasarapan ka na talaga ha! Dalawang panini pa naman per order! Bilis mo!
Joy (bewildered): PUCHA! Akala mo ba ako kumakain lahat non?!
Media: Grabe ka pare, kahit malusog yan di pa siya kumakain ng kahit anong panini sa araw na to!

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!!! What more can I say about this... nothing!

Episode Title: Katotoyan

After all was done and we're back in Manila, I stayed a little bit more at the airport's arrival area and had a much needed 'break' with one of them:

W: Uhm, Joy, by the way, may I ask how old you are?
Me: Sure. I'm 26.
W: Oh, okay...
Me: Is that consistent with how old you thought I was?
W: See, that's my problem. I'm having a hard time in that area. You look 24/25 but you act like 34... as if ang ang tagal mo nang ginagawa yang ginagawa mo. As if alam mo talaga yang ginagawa mo!

Well, is five years long enough? He's actually right about that because those five years actually felt like 10! But let me get this straight: he's saying I look young but I act like I know what I'm doing, right? but by adding that last phrase, he's kind of saying that as if  lang but not really? Haha! Funny ha.

In this instance, what does one really need to do to appear credible? Can't I just be like the female version of Peter Pan? As in Petra Pan? and live in Neverneverland and nevernever-have-to-do-anything-but-play? No? Okay. I'll just have to deal with it then. It's just weird now but I know I'll love it when I'm 40 and I'll still look 30! And when I'm 60 they won't accept my senior citizen's card because I look 50!

BUTT! I just have to say that in another airport, I didn't seem dubiously young to be suspected of carrying out an affair. THAT I wasn't prepared for. I actually wrote it already so I won't forget the experience, I just haven't published it yet (or if I'll ever get to finish the whole trip narrative. At least I'm done with the first part!). That one's quite the experience - I came so close to losing it at the immigration counter!