Monday, October 19, 2009

Brazilian Drama

Interlagos never fails to produce one of the most dramatic races every year.  In 2007, Kimi Raikkonen won the world title in an amazing comeback which saw him triumph from a 16-point deficit to upset title favorites Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.  He nipped the title with just a 1-pt advantage over the other two.  In 2008, on the last lap, Lewis Hamilton was in 6th place and looked as if he's losing the title to Felipe Massa as Hamilton needed to secure at least 5th.  Eventually, Felipe Massa won the race and was deemed champion for 30 seconds until Glock (in 5th place) lost grip and slowed down dramatically.  Hamilton overtook and crossed the line in 5th. And today... Button delivered.

Winning in style

Jenson Button, 2009 F1 World Champion! A lot of people doubted Button's capability, myself included.  I wasn't rooting for him -- I felt that he just wasn't up there yet with Alonso, Hamilton and Kimi and it just so happened he had a superior car.  Mid-season, it just looked like he'd blow it. But the point is, he delivered - and fiercely, he drove to the title.  It wasn't a case of everything falling into place. He worked really hard, particularly in this race where he had to make his way up from 14th place to 8th, enough to clinch the title. He did a lot of overtaking moves which have been pretty scarce in F1 lately - and this silenced doubters (oo na, myself included!).  After 9 years and some 190 races, he ain't just a pretty boy in the paddock anymore. He now has WDC to his name. Brawn is a success story in itself, and Button's is a very deserved win. Kudos!

From zero to hero.

No fire can make the Iceman melt

Star Sports Commentator (during race highlights): Kimi Raikkonen, the Iceman... Remained as cool as ice even when his face was on fire! He just didn't care and went on!

After the incident, Raikkonen reported that he got petrol in his eyes and they were burning but he saw the fire went out and he kept going in the hopes of scoring more points for the Scuderia. Ferrari, after all, needed to keep third place in the constructor's championship otherwise they'll lose £10 million to McLaren. He started in 5th, charged to 3rd after Turn 1 and got involved in separate incidents with Red Bull and Force India which required him to return to the pits to change tyres and get a new front wing at the end of Lap 1.  He came back in P14, fought on to recover and finished 6th. Talk about determination and dedication even when it's already known that he's leaving Ferrari next season.  He is part of the team until officially out.

My eyes are still burning, but I'm alright.