Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because we all need alone time.

Button needed "alone time" to celebrate
Despite his description by some as the "playboy world champion", Jenson Button did not celebrate wildly after securing the 2009 title in Brazil on Sunday.
The Briton had been scheduled to return to Europe on Sunday evening for a PR commitment, but his Brawn teammate Rubens Barrichello offered the use of his private jet so that he could stay another night in Sao Paulo.

But it emerges that 29-year-old Button stayed less than an hour at the team's party before returning to his hotel.
"I wanted a bit of alone time," he told British reporters, drinking a glass of white wine and wearing a t-shirt that read 'What goes around, comes around'.
"We all celebrate it in different ways, and for me to just chill on my own was the best thing for me. I was on the phone to my girlfriend, my family as well, my mum, so I was up until about 4am just lying in bed with a big grin on my face," said Button. 

Playing it by ear is the best itinerary you can have for a vacation

As much as I like being surrounded with people, I also like being alone. I insisted on getting my 'alone time' on my first day in NYC and that's what I remember most: walking alone in a totally new place with no absolute destination, without anyone to take me around, getting lost in spite of having a map and figuring my way out of the busy place. Was I excited? You bet! I just didn't look like it (heck, I was alone. That would've been funny)... but deep inside I'm like "Wooooooow, it's so beautiful, I wanna lie on the pavement!" kinda giddy. haha. TOURIST!  It must've been obvious that I was lost - three random strangers offered help with directions that day... Or maybe I was walking around, looking at the buildings with a smile on my face. yuuuuuuck!!! haha

Yon naman eh, smiling while alone eh di naman ako nanalo ng world championship!